Nice offers on air trips in the Old Continent

At the moment, thanks to little airline corporations, we can travel for a penny, using air jets as our types of transportation. It’s much more convenient, faster and simpler then car or a bus. From one side of continent to the opposite one, you could get within three hours tops. That is why, if you like to visit your family in Berlin or also go to a Black Sea shore, you need to reserve a tickets right now.


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You’ve your uncle in Berlin, and you wish to visit him at summertime? You should reserve flights to Germany. It is great method to spare some money and time. When you do not have a student discount, train ticket would cost you a fortune. Journey by your own car could be dangerous, and bus uncomfortable. That is why air jet is the best option If you want to get very low price, you just have to book flights to Germany, several months before your trip. In that case, nicest price will be possible. And Berlin is a really great place to visit, it is truly multi cultural area, so you may try a lot of various meals from whole around the world, and admire great monuments. Also, good idea is to visit local zoologist garden, it is one of the largest objects like that in entire continent.

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What if you want to spend vacations at the sea side, nice and in reasonable price? Book flights to Odessa. This Ukraine city is one of the largest resorts at the Black sea side. A lot of fabulous people use to leave in there, musicians, writers, painters and so on (take a look). It is much cheaper then our Polish towns next to Baltic sea, and the weather is nicer for sure. But Odessa is not only about tanning at the beach, it’s also about monuments.

When you are planning to visit one of the towns at Germany, nicest idea could be to travel there by air jet – it’s far cheaper and more convenient then car or train. For common vacations next to the sea, you can book flights to Odessa, greatest resort at the Black Sea side.