Tour for a penny, whole around the planet

Right now, thanks to cheap airline companies, we have a chance to go wherever we want, without spending a lot of money. All of this cause now we’re member of European Union, and international airline corporations, aren’t afraid to create their connections in here. Beside, our economy is nicer then ever before, therefore prizes are lower, and a lot more people can afford flights to another continents.

Do you ever wish to to visit Japan? Now it is within our reach. You can book cheap flights Tokyo if you wish, but first you need to be aware how to look for it.


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At start, the most important is term. When you wish to fly for a penny, try to avoid hot season, like summertime for instance .

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Cause in time of this period of year, the weather is finest, so most of tourists prefer to go to Japan then. When you only want to take a trip, see a lot of local attractions, you will enjoy spring or autumn. Just avoid winter, cause Japan is an Island, so it will be raining all the time.

More local, but also interesting is Croatia. When you want to go there for a holidays during the best temperature, the best is to book cheap flights to Zagreb. This place isn’t situated close to the sea, therefore this connection is far less common then to


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Split and Dubrovnik (straight from the source). Because of that, you are able to get the finest deal, even during famous season. And it is not hard to get from Zagreb to seashore, you just need to rent a vehicle or use a train. It is going strictly from the airport to the famous resorts.

Traveling all around the planet, to the distant continents, is a dream of a lot of people. At the moment, we are able to travel for a penny, not only to Croatia, but also to Japan. All we have to do is to arrange our trip several weeks earlier, to find the best deal on a connections. And then, we just need to enjoy our stay.